01 Aug 2021

Understanding work visas can be daunting

Top talent is the lifeblood of competitive and successful life science, molecular diagnostics, and biotechnology companies. Companies know that they’re as good as the talent they employ. 

Yet, like with all good things in life, the problem with top talent is that it is scarce to find. Furthermore, with the biotechnology revolution, companies are increasingly looking for individuals with rare and unique qualifications and skills.

The rapid growth and expansion of the US biotech industry have meant a gap between job opportunities for top talent and its local availability. Companies seek to bridge this gap by hiring highly qualified foreign candidates. Companies wouldn’t mind literally going to the ends of the earth to find that right individual for their needs—but there is a catch: even if they’re lucky enough to find that perfect candidate, they still have a visa maze to navigate through to bring that person to the US.

Connexis Search Group helps clients in the life science and medical device industries to employ foreign talent, we’re acutely aware of how confusing the visa sponsorship process can be. There are several work visas to consider, and each has its own details and requirements. The process can quickly get rather daunting.

We’ve created this 12-page guide to clarify this complex subject. We’ll look at the different visa options for your company and the scenarios where they’re most suitable. We hope that once you’ve gone through this guide, you’ll better understand the different work visa options available to you as a life science or medical technology company.

Sponsoring foreign talent for work—an overview of pertinent visas

While there is a multitude of visa types to enter and stay in the United States, needless to say, we’ll only talk about visas that life science and biotech companies can use to enable foreign applicants to stay in the US and work with them—so, ‘work visas’ in essence.

The full article looks into each of these visas in more detail to understand their purpose and the requirements to hire someone on them.

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