29 Apr 2020

BioTheranostics Testimonial

BioTheranostics is an oncology molecular diagnostics company with two laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) and a 150 person company. They were recently fortunate enough to be in a position to do a major expansion of their sales force. 

However, this meant hiring a lot of new salespeople. Not only that, but the salespeople had to be local and have appropriate work experience.

Vice President of Sales Matt Sargent was tasked with this excruciating hard task: fill 17 sales positions in 90 days. At first, the timeline appeared “impossible” to Sargent. At first, he tried working with a variety of search firms. However, he found that the mix did not work. That’s when Sargent created an exclusive arrangement with Connexis.

The change was immediate, and Sargent couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Connexis filled all 17 positions with quality salespeople within 9 weeks. Finishing this early was “way ahead of schedule.” Sargent says he would go as far as to say that Connexis “made an impossible task possible being in complete transparency.” He noted this would be a major endeavor for any sales leader, yet Connexis accomplished it with ease.

To Sargent’s delight, he was able to focus on his regular job while hiring went on in the background. There was just the Monday morning call. If any updates were needed during the workweek, they would schedule additional calls. Sargent “didn’t have to do much more above and beyond [his] normal daily routine.” For Sargent, the process “made it almost seamless.” 

Sargent was as far as to say that “something that could have been an incredible burden actually became enjoyable, and it was done ahead of schedule.” Connexis enabled Sargent to both handle his daily routine of work while applicants and potential workers were processed by Connexis’ team.

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