28 Feb 2023

Trust and Collaboration: A Case Study of BioTheranostics' Recruiting with Connexis Search Group

Executive Summary

This case study will review how Connexis Search Group assisted BioTheranostics with its recruiting needs for sales, marketing, and medical affairs professionals over six years before being sold to Hologic.

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BioTheranostics is a commercial-stage molecular diagnostics company that provides personalized oncology tests to help physicians and their patients make more informed treatment decisions. Their primary focus is developing and commercializing molecular diagnostic tests that provide critical information to guide targeted therapy for cancer patients. BioTheranostics' tests are designed to identify genetic mutations and other biomarkers that may be present in a patient's tumor and provide insight into how the cancer is likely to progress or respond to various treatments. Their tests are used by physicians to help optimize treatment selection, monitor disease progression, and improve patient outcomes. BioTheranostics' tests have been clinically validated and are recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines.


Over six years, Connexis Search Group assisted BioThernostics in hiring 43 new employees. One of our first placements was the VP Of Managed Care, followed by oncology sales reps, marketing personnel, sales operations, MSL, and most recently, Director of Medical Affairs.

The Situation

Recruiting oncology sales reps and MSLs is always challenging due to the high demand and low supply of candidates. Non-competes and high base salaries are always an issue. When we first started recruiting sales reps for BioTheranostics, some of the other oncology companies offered higher base salaries making it difficult to attract candidates. BioTheranostics’ pay plan was well designed, with achievable quotas, so their reps had a history of achieving tier goals and making a consistent bonus. The evidence of consistent bonus payout helped CSG recruit candidates to BioTheranostics.


Recruiting Process

Connexis Search Group recruiters are trained to conduct thorough interviews by deeply exploring each candidate's background. Our recruiters always look for evidence of success by having candidates review their accomplishments with us. We examine their examples and dig into the details to gain insights and how they accomplished their goals. We also reference most of our candidates early in the interview process to ensure we spend time with top-tier candidates.



The VP of Sales worked closely with Connexis Search Group creating loyalty and commitment from Connexis recruiters. As a result BioTheranostics searches were the top priority for the Connexis Search Group recruiters. Connexis also enjoyed advising the VP of Sales when he needed market information, such as compensation packages and organization structure.



The VP of Sales at BioTheranostics realizes the value of building trusting relationships resulting in top performance from those that work for or with him.



Please listen to the below audio as Matt Sargent, VP Of Sales, discusses his experience with Connexis Search Group.


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