08 Apr 2020

5 Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

It's time to hire, and you've decided to use a recruiting firm. But there’s a problem; not all recruitment agencies are created equal.

 You want the best to tackle this difficult and time-consuming task on your behalf and bring you only the most exceptional talent in your field. You need to hire a firm that takes the time and has the resources to find the right candidate. Whether you're looking for someone to fill in for a few months or a permanent employee, you can find these critical employees with the right recruitment firm after asking these five important questions. 

What Is Your Industry Experience With Similar Searches?

It's essential to ensure that the recruitment firm you select knows your industry and has conducted similar searches. For instance, you wouldn't want to hire a firm specializing in hiring construction workers to fill your job opening in life science or biotechnology. You want to hire a biotechnology recruiter or a life science recruiter. 

When talking to the recruiting firm, it's best to pay attention to the questions they ask you. Are the questions relevant to your field? Are they using the correct technical jargon or does it sound like they're struggling to connect? You want to get the sense that the recruiting firm understands your business and the daily duties that you perform. If the recruiter doesn't understand your space, they can't find the best talent for your company. 


What Is Your Process for Sourcing Candidates?

If they say they rely on job postings, they probably aren't the best recruitment firm to meet your needs. Finding the best talent in your field isn't always looking at the jobs available in ads. This type of recruiting should be a warning flag for you.

You want to find a recruiting firm that already has a proprietary database of qualified candidates ready to start your search. This can be a talent that the recruiting firm has already met with or industry leaders who might be willing to change jobs. 

It's beneficial to find a recruiting firm that uses networking to find candidates. Their reach is longer and gives you a larger pool of talent to select from when filling your position. You also want a recruitment firm that isn't afraid to identify talent working at companies similar to yours and court them with a job possibility.


How Do You Know a Recruiting Firm Delivers the Best Candidates?

When you're choosing a recruitment firm for the first time, it's hard to know which offers the best candidate pool. There are certain things you can do to determine this. It's always a good idea to ask for and check the references of a recruiting firm. They aren't going to give you a reference that has negative things to say. However, you want to know that people have positive things to say. Another good indicator of a successful recruiting firm is long-term clients. Ask for specific references from clients that the firm has had for years or since they started their business. 

How Quickly Can You Find the Candidates?

You walk the line between finding a candidate quickly and finding one that's well-qualified. The right recruitment team will do both. You need to find out how many clients each recruiter at the firm handles. It's best that each recruiter handles only two or three clients at any given time. Some firms require their recruiters to work on too many clients at once, leaving your search for a candidate to languish and not get the attention that you deserve. 

What Are Your Search Options?

There are two primary search options. These are contingency and retained. With a contingency search term, the recruiting firm only earns a fee when your company hires someone. In simple terms, their payment is contingent upon them finding the best talent for your company and your company hiring that person. The candidate guarantee with a contingent search term is typically 60 to 90 days. 

A retained search gets paid for doing the search even if you choose not to hire any of the candidates that they bring to you. You can expect a six to 12-month candidate guarantee with a retained search. 

No matter which search terms you choose, it's always best to work with a single recruitment firm. With specialty industries, the field of candidates is relatively small in any given area, and you don't want overlapping candidates. 

Finding the right recruiting firm is essential for finding the best talent available at any time. The quality of recruiters varies, and you can find the best firms by keeping these five questions close by when interviewing a recruitment firm.

If your hiring process hasn't been bringing in the top candidates in the molecular diagnostics, life science, and medical device fields you've been basing your hiring decisions on a set of desired skills and credentials rather than the candidate's ability to get the job done.

The truth is, if you seek candidates based exclusively on their experience, you'll get candidates who may never have performed -- or mastered -- the duties which that particular role requires. Here are five steps to optimize your hiring process so you only deal with the right life science and medical diagnostic candidates.

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