31 May 2022

Candidates with a high energy level are always in demand !

Before we tackle assessing energy levels, let's make sure we know what a high energy level means.   Most of the time, when a hiring manager is looking for a high energy level, they want a candidate that has a great work ethic.

One common problem that I have observed is that many managers think that candidates that speak quickly, use their hands to talk, are louder than most, and have a great work ethic.  

It is assumed that extroverted, gregarious candidates have great work ethics. You can feel the energy from their conversation, so you believe they have a great work ethic. We all know candidates that are more subdued in their discussion that have great work ethics. So this way of determining work ethic is not adequate. 

So, what is the best way to assess work ethic? Using someone's communication style is not practical!   Asking questions that reveal how hard a candidate works is the best way.

You could ask, 'Do you have a great work ethic"?   Asking this question is not the best way—since the candidate knows the answer you are looking for.

Here are a few suggestions to help you learn about a candidate’s work ethic.

  • Ask a former manager or peer that has worked with the candidate in the past. There is no better way than doing a reference check!   If checking a reference is not an option, then asking great questions is the next best option.
  • Ask the candidate about a vital project they recently completed. 
    • Use open-ended questions to elicit responses that reveal what the candidate had to do to be successful. You will learn a lot about the candidate as you discuss a specific project.

Hiring can be a pain. Finding the right talent is never easy, and sorting through all the applicants can be overwhelming. Every company has made the mistake of bringing on people that didn’t fit with their culture or couldn’t keep up with the workload. Setting up a consistent, reliable process and focusing on finding the best possible job seekers will never be entirely painless. Having a solid plan in place, however, goes a long way toward meeting your hiring goals.

Even when you incorporate all of the best advice and have a solid routine, there is no guarantee you won’t still occasionally struggle with hiring. Some positions are much harder to fill than others. If you find your company in this position, just remember you are not alone. Our team includes twenty-two expert-level recruiters who can help you find high-level candidates exactly when you need them.

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